A wild timchen doing magic with his hand

Timchen teaching something seriously

Timchen with his hands crossed

Confused timchen

Timchen creating replit bugs

Timchen drinking a mystical drink

Very serious timchen

Timchen smiling in a strange manner 😄

Timchen frowning in a strange manner 😦

Timchen slep

Timchen rock climbing

Thats not how you squat


What even is that image quality

Timchen smiling, slightly creepily

Timchen with a Repl.it hoodie

Very normal Timchen

Timchen's old icon on the Repl.it about page

Timchen smiling in the back of a car

Timchen looking very serious and bored



Timchen inhaling?? something very odd

Wide-eyed timchen

Timchen trying to eat a big taco

Timchen locking eyes with the devil

Exhausted timchen. i think

Y u no timchen

Timchen using proper breathing techniques, maybe

Timchen losing all control of his facial muscles

Timchen trying to make a facial pose without preparation, wait who is that on his back

Timchen sticks his tongue out

Constipation probably got the best of timchen

Timchen keeping a wide-eye from the background

Timchen: the victim of facial art

Sad timchen 😔

When the sun shines, timchen squints a tad too hard

Timchen probably trying to fake sleep

Timchen very excited. probably opening his christmas presents

Timchen pulling a side-eye

Timchen fights against constipation for the second time

Facial expressions really arent timchens thing are they

Can i haz cheezeburger-chen

Timchen trying to hide a huge fart

Timchen playing poker

Timchen: the bug maker

Chentim (reversed timchen)

Timchen using light sword

Timchen in the university looking at someone shaking hands

Timchen and The Statue of Thonk

Timchen watching firefighters


Timchen teaching kids how to hack their school network

Timchen realizing he has the perfect hand in poker

Timchen stumbles upon a follower

Timchen's icon on the Repl.it about page

A rare timchen in its freshman form

The timchen shows no progress from its freshman form

As the timchen grows, it progresses towards the more normal state

The timchen has reached its final stage in its evolution towards maturity

Timchen can't even

Timchen's Discord emoji

Timchen trying his best :')

Timchen and the boys

Timchen goes from teacher to student

Timchen goes to Stuy Hacks


Timchen on Slack

Timchen Pillow